You guys are driving me nuts! Just about everyone signs in as "Anonymous" when they make a comment and this causes endless confusion.

Instead of being "Anonymous" please use the drop down menu and chose "Name/URL". Disregard the "URL" part and give yourself a name.

OK, I get that you are frightened that your ABs will give you a hard time if you comment here. That's why I let you sign in with a made up name. That way your friends in the ecclesia don't get to know that you love reading this website.

But guess what? They are ALL reading it! Look at our page view numbers. CDs is only a baby little religion with very few members. Yet we are puling in tens of thousands of page views. All the best CDs read this website. It's only the old dears who don't know how to work a computer that don't read us.

Please comment on our articles, because I love reading what you write and I know that all my readers love the comments. Be as forthright (rude) as you want. I never delete anything, so you can say exactly what you think without fear of some insecure CD-minded person deleting your work or banning you.

But PLEASE - no more "Anonymous" comments. Give yourself a name; even if is a pseudonym.

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