The origin of the Universe
is becoming more clear to scientists
Let's be clear about this: We are a long way down the track of explaining all origins. The Yahweh God of the primitive Canaanite Hebrew tribe does not feature in any of the answers. Here is a brief overview of where we are at August 2013.

1. The top theoretical physicists in the world are building a foundation for our understanding of why there is something rather than nothing and how our universe and others came into existence spontaneously.

God does not feature in this process.

2. We know how the various elements of the atomic table were formed by the "cooking" of hydrogen and helium in stars and by the explosion of those stars to create heavier elements, some of which were cooked again in second generation stars and smashed together in second explosions as those second generation stars blew up to create even heavier elements like gold etc.

God does not feature in this process.

3. We know exactly how our Solar System, the Earth and the Moon came into existence by gravitational attraction and a collision with the Earth that created our Moon. The Moon is an ancient part of our Earth that has been knocked away.

God does not feature in this process.

4. We know that the very earliest life forms on Earth operated on well understood biological and physical processes and there is no indication of divine involvement in the process. There is no evidence of a Soul, or a Divine spark or anything of the sort. We don't know how the first proto-cell became assembled but scientists are working on the problem and are likely to discover the mechanism within the next fifteen years; which is the lifetime of most of us.

God does not feature in this process.

5. We know how religions evolved amongst Homo Sapiens as a natural reaction to human ignorance about natural events which they could not understand.

God does not feature in this process.

6. We can trace the development of the great religions of the world as they gradually incorporated science into their philosophy and then how over the past few hundred years, science broke away from it's religious origins, became a separate method of inquiry and eventually came to prove faith based religions to be false.

God does not feature in this process.

7. We can historically map the development of a Canaanite tribe (who never went down into Egypt, never worked as slaves for Pharaoh, never took part in the mythical Exodus or wilderness wanderings or conquest of Canaan - zero archaeological evidence) who abandoned their polytheism about the time of the Babylonian Exile and formulated the Judaic religion.

God does not feature in this process empirically; although he was worshipped by naive, primitive, Iron Age people who knew no better.

8. We know that Christianity originated as a Jewish cult that diverged into a multitude of different Gentile Christian cults who through a long, turbulent and bloody history resulted in the Restoration Movement in the Nineteenth Century, from which Christadelphianism emerged as a splinter group at the time of the American Civil War.

God does not feature in this process empirically; although he was worshipped by naive, people who knew no better. There has been no revelation of God for a minimum of two thousand years and we think that there never has been a genuine revelation of God.

9. We know that Christadelphians today were almost all born and indoctrinated into their family religion and that because it is a high control cult, they find it extremely difficult to overcome the inbred religious superstition and leave.

God does not feature in this process.

Christadelphians worship a God who walked with Abraham between two piles of dead meat that was rotting in the desert heat and made promises that form part of the basis for Christadelphian belief. (Genesis 15: 8-20)

To those Christadelphians who still don't have the common sense to leave immediately I say this:

"You have GOT to be joking?"

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