Christmas from the Archives

 By Jon Morgan

Different people following this site will have different views of Christmas.  Clearly it contains both religious elements and secular elements.  As it's less than a week away, I thought I'd link a few Christmas posts from the archives.

For myself, last night I went to a carols concert in a cathedral, and really enjoyed it.  I don't believe the events referenced in many of the carols actually happened, but enjoy the music and the memories.  On Christmas Day I expect I'll spend time with family members.  Religion will probably get a mention, but it won't be the centre of the day.

Merry Christmas to all readers!

A couple of books

 By Jon Morgan

There were a couple of books I read last year which I found helpful with working through my strict, literalist religious upbringing, and they might be of interest to others here.

Bible in the News - Discussion post

 Bible in the News is a Christadelphian podcast which aims to "provide a weekly analysis of world politics and events in the light of Bible prophecy".  Recently it has frequently come up in discussion here, particularly with relation to a Brexit post.

This is intended as a discussion post for Bible in the News.  It can also be used as a discussion post for anything else related to Christadelphian prophecy interpretation or current events.

Who was Robert Roberts?

by Phynnodderee

Growing up, I had an image of Robert Roberts as a clear-sighted, intelligent man who cut through the tangle of religious ideas that had accumulated over the centuries to establish a simple, rational, authentic religion. But I actually knew very little about him. Years later, when I decided to find out who he really was, I discovered he wasn’t quite the man I was taught to believe.


Who's next?

 By Jon Morgan

This year I’ve been reflecting on how much I changed in the 2010s. Some of the changes could probably have been expected given my age and stage of life, but leaving religion in particular wasn’t expected by me or by those around me.

It now makes me wonder how many others there are like former-me: People who are young, indoctrinated, dedicated to their religion. Maybe they’re already facing doubts, or maybe they will in the next five or ten years. Maybe they’re already thinking of quitting, or maybe they just view the doubts as things to be conquered.

If I were going back in time, what might I say to former-me? And if anyone feeling these things happens to be reading this post, what might I want them to be aware of?

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