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I'm reminded of the film The Truman Show, where a man spends his whole life growing up on a film set thinking that where he lived was real life.

73,766 British Pounds - Is that too much to forgive your brother?

The Pagan Origins of the Book of Genesis - Part 2: The Creation of the Firmament (Dome) and the Waters Above

The pagan cosmology of Genesis
Click here to read the first part of this series of articles. They need to be read in the correct numbered sequence to be best understood.

Genesis Chapter 1 - New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

"6 And God said, ‘Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.’ 7 So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so. 8 God called the dome Sky............................

This Blog Evolves Again

I have decided to evolve the blog in a slightly new direction.

I'm dropping the 'Unbelievers' tag, because one of our admins and many of our authors, commenters and readers are not Unbelievers. It seems unnecessary to let them to feel uncomfortable using a resource that does not accurately portray their thinking and beliefs.

The Christadelphian War Against Education

Contributed by Geri

I just visited the Christadelphian Home School UK site

 and found this quote;

The Pagan Origins of the Book of Genesis - Part 1: The Spirit of God

This is the first of a series of articles showing how the authors of the Biblical book of Genesis borrowed many of their key themes and stories from writings of pagan priests and storytellers of the surrounding nations of the Ancient Near East (ANE).

The pagan cuneiform inscriptions containing these myths are up to two and a half thousand years older than the earliest possible date of the origin of Genesis.

How low will they go? - Christadelphian Office promoting Michael Ashton books!

I was shocked today when a correspondent alerted me to the fact that the Christadelphian Office (CMPA) are still proudly publishing a total of fourteen books and booklets authored by their disgraced former editor, Michael Ashton.

In 2011 Brother Ashton was accused of allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from Christadelphians during his decade as editor of the Christadelphian magazine. According to the CMPA he admitted these actions. He was disfellowshiped  by his ecclesia for this behaviour, for "Conduct unbecoming of a Brother of Christ."

Heaven's Philippine Aid Controversy

The size of Heaven's aid offering to the Philippines
has sparked mixed feelings from its citizens
Heaven is sending $0,000,000.00   (£0,000,000.00) to the Philippines to help with the aid effort following Typhoon Haiyan.

Heaven had been criticised for its pledge - a fraction of that committed by other major nations.

Quote mining and intellectual dishonesty in the Nov 2013 Testimony Magazine - By Ken Gilmore

Editor's Note: Yet another brilliant article from Ken. Readers are recommended to read his blog avidly. Ken: let me know if you want me to delete this article. But we can get up to 2,500 or more page views for each of your articles and it would be a pity to not get through to those readers. Moreover our readers are your target audience.


Pinocchio writes for Peterborough Christadelphians


Review: 'Creation or Evolution' by John Hellawell

'Creation or Evolution' is a new E-book published by the Christadelphian office (CMPA). The book has previously available as a hard copy. It is intended to be used as a preaching booklet.

The author, John Hellawell, is a trustee of the CMPA. He is a Young Earth Creationist who does not believe in Evolution.

Building blocks of life could be formed on comets

Written by Andrew Bissette
PhD student at University of Oxford

No one knows how life began on Earth. But for it to happen, some simple chemical building blocks would have been needed.

The Jake Douglas Article

Young Earth Creationism
and Flood Geology
explained to Jake Douglas
by a Christadelphian relative
Email us if you would like to read a copy of this article written by our brave young martyr.

We were forced to withdraw it following coercion on young Jake from his relatives, who did not want him expressing his own opinion on the religion.

Another of our young Christadelphian authors found by the CDs

This is what happens, when they are found, to the courageous youngsters from Christadelphian families who dare to write for us to express their thinking about religion and the Bible.

This is why we have been obliged to delete Jake Douglas's article.

This is how weak and insecure the Christadelphians really are.

Win a FREE copy of Jonathan Burke's new book 'Living on the Edge'

To win your free copy of Jonathan's new book, simply write an article of more than 500 words for us on the subject: "Why I am losing my faith." The writers of the best articles will receive free hard copies of the book from us, together with free postage. If they have a tablet computer we will give them an additional E-Book version of the book free of charge.

Ken Gilmore Dismembers John V Collyer's book 'Creation Evolution and Science'

Who wrote the following?

"John Collyer has written one of the worst anti-evolution books ever produced by a Christadelphian writer. Unfortunately, it is sold by both the Testimony Magazine and the Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association, giving its nonsensical views broad access into our community."

Your Science and Evolution Questions Answered

Modern science is a highly complex subject and we appreciate that some people might find our articles and videos difficult to understand.

On this page you can ask any questions you like, about any aspect of Science and Evolution and we will give you an answer.

My change of heart over JB's new 'Living on the Edge' book
Click to buy this book
Jonathan Burke is a theist and therefore by definition I don't agree with much of what he writes. I have previously noted some of this book's shortcomings on this blog.

However you have to look at things relatively and relative to the unbounded nonsense published by the Christadelphian office, the ALS, the Bible Mission, the Logos, Testimony magazine and other Christadelphianspublishers - Jonathan's book is superb. It is a milestone in Christadelphian publishing and one of the most significant books published in our community since the days of Dr Thomas.

Comment of the week from Cindy

To me, who was brought up a Christadelphian and was baptized one in my mid 20's but have since left, I feel that does it really matter if people do or do not believe God created the earth or started the evolutionary process (the later is which I swing towards) or not.

Proposed Vast New Russian Naval Base in Egypt Turns Christadelphian Predictions Upside Down!

Christadelphian thinking about latter day
prophecy has been turned upside down
The news that Russia is planning a huge new naval base in Egypt will have Christadelphians turning their Middle East maps upside down.

Click here for details.

For one hundred and sixty five years Christadelphians have told the world that Russia is the "King of the North" and now it looks like Russian President Putin is going to be the "King of the South."

Comment of the Week - From Mancott

I was indoctrinated into CDism from the cradle. I believed in it as fervently as I believed in Santa Claus. Then Santa Claus was revealed as my dad creeping into my bedroom with presents early on Christmas day.

Don't be Fooled by the You Know Who

- Discuss