I want you to read the following excerpts from a Christadelphian written book and at the end, guess who was the editor of this nonsense. Clue: Pay particular note to the frequent use of the word "Unbeliever."

- Did you guess the author?
It was ROB HYNDMAN!!!!! - The brother who has recently resigned from fellowship, told the world that he does not believe in the Bible and told the Christadelphians:
"So what should I call myself now I am not a Christadelphian, or even a Christian?............... I think I prefer “unbeliever”."
Can you believe that?
I have taken the pictures from his book "The Way of Life" - you can view it here:
What amazing courage it took for a brother who used to write Christadelphian clap-trap like that to recognise the truth and come out as an Unbeliever! 
I am NOT criticising Rob; I am praising him. I also wrote and spoke nonsense for twenty years when I was a Christadelphian. It still makes me upset to think that I was so daft back then. I was a 'Mr Nonsense' just like Rob and all of the other Unbelievers who have left the sect.  
That is what is going to happen to hundreds of Christadelphians reading this blog (I'm looking at you, Berea-Portal readers) when it eventually dawns on you that we Unbelievers are right and that we have been right all along. You will look back on your time when you were a Christadelphian, thinking sanctimonious, dysfunctional, judgemental, nonsense like the above and you will cringe to think that you ever thought that way.
Christadelphians: You are in a very large hole of nonsense; please stop digging and let us pull you out of there. 

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