Frightened to tell your Arranging Brethren that you want out? Worried that they might cause problems if you resign?

Now with our new Fast Track Deconversion Service we've made it easier than ever to  leave the Christadelphians.

Simply leave your real name and full ecclesial details in the comments below; together with your reason for resigning and the postal address of your Recording Brother; send us a confirmatory email that you want to proceed and we will handle all the paperwork and negotiations with your Arranging Brethren to get you out of the CDs as fast as possible.

If they write to you, send the letter to us and we will deal with it. If they come round to your home with their big Bibles; don't open the door and don't answer the phone to them for six months until they get the message.

When we get a successful result we will contact you with the good news and you will be free.

No more boring lectures. No more collections for things that you have never heard of. No more old people telling you that life was better fifty years ago. -  Deconvert today. Start thinking rationally and put the common-sense and fun back into your life.

If you have a friend who might appreciate being deconverted, fill in their details below, we will get them out and then you can then spring the surprise to them that they are no longer a Christadelphian. They will almost certainly thank you for what you have done for them. :)

We have Christadelphian deconversion agents in the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand waiting to go into action on your behalf and negotiate your release. Don't delay. Leave your details in the "Comments" below and your lifetime of rational thinking can start immediately.

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