Lawrence Krauss
In my opinion Lawrence is facing an Evangelical Church ambush at his 16 August "discussion" (they are not calling it a debate - but it is) in Melbourne. It is likely to be a hostile audience for him.

I appeal to all Atheists to spread the word and buy up the remaining tickets and come along to applaud your support for what is rational thinking about belief in God.

We still have some spaces for the lunch and afternoon with Lawrence prior to the evening function. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the great man and enjoy his company in an intimate setting. Some friendly company and support will help him to collect his thoughts for what is likely to be a most difficult exchange of views in the evening. His opponent William Lane Craig is NOT invited to the lunch.

Email me to attend the lunch and afternoon discussion session with Lawrence Krauss: The lunch is $50.00. The afternoon discussion is free of charge.

Click here to buy tickets for the evening event in the Melbourne Town Hall.

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