This video continues the topic of an earlier post:
I continue to make the point that If we do not have free will, in the sense of being able to make choices apart from natural processes in our brain; we cannot be accountable to God. Adam could not be held responsible for his "sin." The punishment by God of all mankind was unjust; because Adam had no independent control over the natural processes in his own brain. Those processes would have been created and set in motion by God himself. Therefore God alone would be responsible for the sin of Adam.
The entire scriptural thesis of sin, forgiveness and salvation is thereby shown to be false. Without free will we cannot be punished for sin, or rewarded for faith; because those things were determined by our past; not by a free decision in the present.
Because we don't have free will; the Gospel must be false and God cannot exist. The Gospel makes no sense in the absence of genuine free will.

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