Following years of entrapment in a Nineteenth Century British religion, started by a slave owning medical doctor, based on a book written by Iron Age scribes in Babylonian captivity in the Seventh Century BCE; Christadelphians are finally waking up to the reality that they can escape and return to live normal lives in society.

On his Internet blog, recently resigned Brother Rob Hyndman has written:
"I don’t believe the Bible is inspired by God. I am not even sure there is a God. Perhaps there is, but he is not who I once thought he was."
"Quite suddenly, I could not think of a good reason to believe any more. Far from inspired, the Bible now appeared as a collection of ancient human documents, full of propaganda, legend, and bigotry. Yes, there was some wisdom there, and some beautiful poetry, some uplifting words. But the attitudes to women and foreigners that it describes, sometimes commands, were not worthy of the God I once believed in. The alleged miracles seemed more like the superstitions of a primitive people than evidence for enlightened belief. Even the prophecies that I once found so convincing, appeared to be either contrived, out-of-context, or written after the alleged fulfilment. What I once thought were answers to prayer now appeared to be coincidence or imagined. My faith was always based on what I thought was evidence, and once the evidence was removed, the faith quickly followed."

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His change of heart aligns him with hundreds of other Christadelphians who have applied rational thinking to re-examine the evidence for their faith and found it to be missing.
The endless Christadelphian sanctimonious platitudes, coupled with rampant hypocrisy, the anti-science, anti-evolutionary rhetoric, the ongoing failure of Bible prophecy to make any sense, the corrupt and perverted morality of the Bible, the impossibility of Biblical inspiration in a book that is riddled with mistakes, contradictions and irrelevant nonsense. The Biblical superstitions about the devil and demons, a talking snake, an ass that could talk, a Sun that stood still in the sky, an innocent young girl offered as a burnt offering to God, a carpenter's son who could walk on water and predicted his imminent return to rule which never happened. All of this and ten thousand more pieces of evidence that the Bible is bunk are convincing Christadelphians all over the world that the game is up. The religion is finished.

More resignations are in the pipeline and early indications are that Rob's escape to reality, reason and rational thinking has had a major impact on wavering Christadelphians; especially the young people who are looking for leadership in a religion that has lost its way.
The Ex-Christadelphian movement is growing in strength and we can now offer a very real alternative to a lifetime in a dead and irrelevant religion. We will continue to grow and we will not give up our efforts to free our beloved brethren and sisters from the prison camp of irrational thinking.
"The easiest person to fool is yourself" and the time has come for us all to stop fooling ourselves. This mistaken religion must end and it must end quickly; so that we do not continue to perpetuate our error.
Ex-Christadelphian brethren and sisters are waiting for Christadelphians with welcoming arms outstretched. We now have talented and strong leadership, multiple websites for you to educate yourselves, a support group for fellowship and friendship, functions for you to attend and a growing infrastructure that one day will replace Christadelphianism. Above all we have rational thinking and truth on our side. We can't lose this fight for your freedom and we will not lose it. 

Run for your lives Christadelphians and join us as we renew the search for all that is true and good in this wondrous universe.  

Editor's Note: The recent accusation that we are "exploiting" Rob Hyndman's resignation and that it is an "invasion of his privacy" is nonsense from Christadelphians who want this matter covered up.

Rob has exploited the matter himself by declaring  on the Internet his rejection of Christadelphian belief for the whole world to read; he even invited comments. We are merely commenting on what he has himself written in the public domain and drawing our own  conclusions on the matter. This is of interest to a great many people who need to know what has happened.

If the Pope resigned and declared his rejection of the Catholic religion on his Internet blog, it would not be an invasion of his privacy for the media to pick up on the sensational news.

The resignation and rejection of his previous religious beliefs by a leading Christadelphian intellectual is a sensation, in a usually boring and uneventful religion. 

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