The answer has nothing to do with this picture
What did both Darwin and Richard Dawkins believe was the single strongest piece of evidence known to man that proved the truth of Evolution?

There is no record of a Creationists ever even attempting to answer this proof. They don't even try.

When this was explained to me, years ago, the blood ran cold in my veins and I thought to myself  "Oh my goodness; things really did evolve." I thought that I already was an Evolutionist. I did not realise that I was not fully convinced until I learned this proof.

I suppose it's a bit like being a Christadelphian; you never really believe it 100%. But I now 100% believe that Evolution did happen.

The answer has nothing to do with the picture.

Answers in the comments below please. If you don't get it, I'll tell you the correct answer in three days time. I will then explain the proof in detail to you, so that you understand how convincing it is. Those of you who don't already know it will be amazed.

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