Editor's Note: Another letter contributed by one of the finest Christadelphian sisters that ever graced an ecclesial hall. Her real name is Dawn and you all know who this wonderful sister is in real life.

The Broken Link  
Dear Religious Establishment,

I didn't realise when I joined you
that I actually walked through a Bad Gateway.
My Search Engine was faulty
and did not provide me with enough choices.

When I joined you
my Home Page was fairly blank,
and my IP Number was in tact.
But over the three years I was with you,
you ate all my Cookies.

I wouldn't have minded,
but our POP was sweet and intimate,
So I got hurt -
I didn't realise the effect your Plug-in
would have on me.

So I had to leave you prematurely,
and I left with a Virus. I was sick.
For a long time.
It was a Virus
which lasted fifteen years after I left you.

Your Domain Name was exclusive,
and I truly felt I belonged to something special.

But your Javascript was wanting.
Thankfully I have discovered,
rather belatedly,
the Wi-Fi of Freedom
and how to De-frag the fragments of your faulty theology
and weird practices.

And now I am so pleased that your Upload was faulty,
and that my Spyware finally detected your Spam.

Written by sister Dawn.

We who are free love you Dawn - and we salute your integrity and your bravery.

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