I had a sneak preview of "The Unbelievers" movie yesterday, thanks to Lawrence Krauss. It is quite fantastic. I want everyone on the planet to watch it. I told LMK that I'd pay for it to be shown in the Melbourne Town Hall and in the other Australian capital cities. He is going to see what can be arranged; perhaps for November 2013. Christadelphian Unbelievers are going to love it.

That movie advocates all of the things that we stand for: Reason, rational thinking, skepticism, a respect for science, a call for empirical evidence to support decision making, an end to the indoctrination of kids, enlightened morality driven by humanistic ideals freed from religious bigotry and respect for those who need us and for the planet.

I've never seen a film like it. It's packed with stars, scientists, philosophers comedians and great thinkers of our age. It is the ultimate thinking person's movie. When it comes out on DVD buy lots of copies and give them to all your friends at Christmas; they will love you for it. Lawrence was the executive producer and when you watch that film you will be looking into his soul and understand what he is about at the deepest level. You will also understand me better; because I believe in and I stand for what is in every single frame of that movie. I love it and you will do too.

Watch the Trailer:

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