New Life

By Jon Morgan

It's a bit different from other posts featured here, but some might appreciate my latest post.  There's baptism, and discussion of building a new life after leaving religion - and lots of ducklings.

Essay: Jesus, Christianity and Other Religions

 From Stan Anonymous

 Many, many years ago, I was asked, by the "Arranging Brethren" not to attend the Christadelphians any more, because I was having severe doubts about my beliefs in the Bible.

I feel that it may be possible for me to help some who have come out of the Christadelphian error but who feel lost without some kind of faith (as I was, many years ago). So I have written an essay to help.

Note: I know that some leave the Christadelphians and are not really bothered about religion any more. These may find my essay interesting, but equally, they may find it irrelevant to their needs, also boring.

Also note that, although I should be willing to engage in a posting “conversation” with someone that seeks further information, I shall not want to be arguing with anyone about anything that they feel is erroneous in my essay. I simply would not have the time. It’s offered, warts and all, as it says in the preliminary notes.

For those interested, the essay can be found here.

When prophecy comes true

By Jon Morgan

Right now, the world is reeling from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And some Christadelphians are excited about it. Just like so many times before. Prophecy is unfolding before their eyes. The end times are here, and the return of Jesus is just around the corner. It’s the fulfilment of God’s great plan, and anyone who happens to be hurt by it is just unfortunate collateral damage.

But that’s not really what I want to talk about. I want to talk about
prophecy that really does come true.

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