Luke: The Alternative Facts Gospel

This brilliant satirical video, from none other than NonStampCollector, clearly articulates some of the many problems raised by scholars in attempting to reconcile the gospels of Mark and Luke. In the video description, the author answers some anticipated criticisms, so I recommend reading that as well. There is also an accompanying blog post full of citations and references for the material in the video. Enjoy!

Dating The Book Of Daniel

Another short video from the awesome Digital Hammurabi channel on YouTube, outlining some of the reasons why most scholars think the book of Daniel was written and composed much later than the 6th century BCE. It's a great, high-level introduction to this topic, for anyone interested in learning why most of the so-called "prophecies" in the book of Daniel were not predictions at all, and the few that were (regarding the death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes), failed.