Several correspondents and commenters on this website have written to complain that it's taking far too long to deconvert using our existing techniques.  There is so much material to read on this and on other Christadelphian deconversion websites that it can take years to read it all. Even our new Fast Track Deconversion Service is much too slow for some enthusiastic Christadelphians. For example one elderly sister wrote to say:

"You are setting too higher standard for deconvertants. Your deconversion process is a tediously slow process and unnecessarily complicated. Before we can deconvert we are expected to learn about rational thinking, reasoned logical deduction, cognitive bias, the Big Bang, the inflation of the universe, the formation of the elements in the periodic table, the formation of our solar system and planet Earth, Abiogenesis, Evolution, Special and General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, the existence of additional spatial dimensions, the Multiverse, Philosophy to an undergraduate level and grade 12 Psychology, Geology, ANE Archaeology, Palaeontology, Anthropology and Nuclear Physics - not to mention a deep and profound knowledge of Scripture so that we can learn all of the many thousands of Biblical mistakes, contradictions, immoral teaching and failed prophecies and other absurdities contained in the Bible. Do I really need to know all that stuff when I am only deconverting because the Arranging Brethren won't turn up the heat in the cold weather? I am an old lady of ninety six years of age and I'm having great difficulty remembering all of the things that you teach as necessary to learn prior to deconversion. I worry that I'll be dead before I finish your deconversion course and I'll end up resurrected and given eternal life; which at my age is the last thing that I need. If you keep raising the bar for deconversion and letting the Christadelphians baptise people quicker than you can deconvert them, you will never empty the ecclesias. Please give us something simple that we can get our heads around fast and start enjoying our lives; or at least what's left of them."

Here at Christadelphian Unbelievers we recommend a minimum period of ten to fifteen years study before people attempt their deconversion final exams. However for those of you who can't wait that long to start living normal lives in society, we are now offering a Super-Express 5 minute deconversion that is as close to instantaneous as we can make it.

It has never been tested before; so we cannot guarantee that it will work. If it does work for you, please let us know in the comments section below and write to your Recording Brother to tell him that its over.


Please spend 1 minute each studying the following 5 paragraphs: 

1. God cannot exist because his gross punishment of Adam and Eve was a massive over-reaction to a trivial mistake. God was cruel on a scale that defies imagination. He also decreed women to be stoned to death, killed people for picking up sticks on Saturday, ordered the sexual enslavement and rape of the Midianites' women and accepted the death and burning of Jephthah's innocent daughter as a burnt offering. There is not one piece of empirical, credible sensible evidence that God exists.

2. The Bible cannot be inspired by God (who does not exist) because it was written by Iron Age Canaanites who converted to Monotheism and who understood practically nothing about anything. It is riddled with thousands of mistakes, contradictions, repetitions, irrelevancies, historical inaccuracies and immoral teaching. It even makes out that mental illness is demonic possession. It is a collection of human written documents full of propaganda, legend, and bigotry.

3. Bible prophecies are contrived, out-of-context, written after the alleged fulfilment and often flat out wrong; like the forty year desolation of Egypt and the destruction of Tyre by Nebuchadnezzar that never happened. They prove that the Bible is not true.

4. The modern day return of the Jews to Israel is mere coincidence and their subsequent history in modern times has proved this to be the case because the prophecies predict events completely differently to the way that things have happened in real life.

5. The Christadelphian religion was started by a slave owning person who opposed the emancipation of the black people in America. He plagiarised almost all of his writings from others, without giving them credit, predicted the return of Christ in 1866 and was exceptionally rude to his detractors.  He has been shown to be a charlatan and a huckster with much of his mistaken writings edited out of his own works by the Christadelphians who have come to see his mistakes. This raises much doubt on the credibility and veracity of the religion that he founded.

If you now feel sufficiently deconverted, we suggest that you write your letter of resignation from the Christadelphians; tell them that you require an immediate answer, drive the letter round to your recording Brother's home and post it to him by hand in his mail box.

In theory you are then 100% deconverted and you should start to feel better within hours. Please use the comments below to let us know how you get on and to report any side effects. - Good luck!   :)

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