What is the biggest thing that supports your conviction in the truth of the Bible and the existence of God?

Is it the evidence for the resurrection? Or the return of the Jews to Israel? Or other Bible prophecy like Daniel or Tyre? Or fulfilled prayer? Or the internal consistency of the Bible? Or the moral teaching of the Bible? Or the wonder of natural things around us? Or something else?

Tell us in to comments below what is the main thing or things that support your faith and I will write an entire article showing you why you are wrong.

Are you afraid that your faith is too weak and flimsy to stand up to a challenge like that? Then you must keep your fragile faith and not accept my offer. But if you truly believe in God and the Bible; accepting this opportunity to test your faith will be a powerful witness to others.

Abraham's faith was tested - Dare you allow your faith to be tested?

Please tell us the strongest reason why you have faith, in the comments section below and we'll see just how strong it is.

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