Surtsey Proves that God did NOT Create the Earth

Surtsey is a volcanic island off the southern coast of Iceland. It was formed in a volcanic eruption which began 130 metres (426 ft) below sea level, and reached the surface on 14 November 1963. The eruption lasted until 5 June 1967, when the island reached its maximum size of 2.7 km (1.0 sq mi). Since then, wind and wave erosion have caused the island to steadily diminish in size.

Young Earth Creationism in the November Christadelphian Magazine

The Christadelphians are once again displaying their scientific ignorance; this time in an article by Nigel Bernard and Don Pearce published in the November 2013 Christadelphian magazine.

Entitled "Surtsey: a pattern for creation?" It recounts the story of the creation of the volcanic island of Surtsey in 1963 off the coast of Iceland in the North Atlantic. The authors say of this event:

"The rate at which geological features formed on the island provide some supporting evidence that the time scale of Genesis, with six days of creation followed by six thousand years of human activity, is not as unrealistic as is sometimes claimed." 

Has 'The Garden of Eden' Been Found?

Written by Paul Bedson

Source: T
he Gazette of the Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage (APLH), "Of Men And Ruins" Issue 2, October 2013.
Editor's Note: Ezekiel chapters 28 & 31 lend some credence to the idea that the Garden of Eden was located in Lebanon.

Meet Professor Lawrence Krauss Next Sunday 3 November in Sydney Australia

Ex-Christadelphians will be meeting up again with Lawrence Krauss, next Sunday 3 November, when he visits Sydney Opera House for the Australian premiere screening of his new movie 'The Unbelievers.' You can also meet with Lawrence in Canberra Australia 5 November and watch the movie. Email me for details of what we have planned.

Why 'Wrested Scriptures' is Wrong on Evolution - By Ken Gilmore - Parts 1 - 6

By Ken Gilmore

(Editor's Note: Ken is Christadelphian Theist, NOT an Ex-Christadelphian. He does not support or condone the Atheist position of this website and we do not support or condone his Theism. Nevertheless there remains a considerable amount of agreement between us and we consider his work to be of the utmost value) 

The following is in five parts with the references given after each part; so keep reading after each section of references.

Sound words from Lord Singh

Yesterday, Lord Singh of Wimbledon spoke on BBC Radio 4's morning religion spot, "Thought for the day".

Download podcast here: Lord Singh 23/10/13 (3 mins, 2Mb) 

Did Christianity (and other religions) promote the rise of science?

Written by Jerry Coyne

Of course most of you will answer “No way!”, and I do, too, but accommodationists and science-friendly believers make this argument often. Here are a few specimens:

Texas publishers refuse to include Creationism in science textbooks

In a victory for science education and the children of Texas, publishers are refusing to include creationism in science textbooks despite fierce pressure from conservative Christians.
Click here for more.

Heritage College Birmingham Parents & Students Beware!

Rational Thinking Results in Atheism

It Ain't Necessarily So

Oppose Christadelphian Heritage College Birmingham

It is proposed to create a fund to oppose the creation of the Christadelphian Heritage College faith school in Birmingham UK.

The money will be used to lobby decision makers to advise them of the reasons for our opposition and also to place large advertisements in Birmingham newspapers warning parents and students of the Christadelphians' intention to "preach" to them and to their children at the school.

How Evolution Works

Thanks to Adam for recommending this video

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New 1.8 million year old human ancestor skulls found in Georgia - NOT Africa!

The discovery of a 1.8-million-year-old skull of a human ancestor buried under a medieval Georgian village offers new evidence that early man was a single species with a vast array of different looks, researchers have said.

Does inspiration mean the Bible must contain no mistakes?

It is interesting to read recently deconverted Christadelphian Rob Hyndman's blog and watch his growing disenchantment with Christadelphian teaching.

Why the Biological Evolution of Species is so difficult to comprehend

A reader has made the comment:

"Everything I've read (about Evolution) is theory. Too many unanswered questions. Like a male and female human are quite different, not just in body.

Good News - The Ralph Lovelock Heresy has Returned!

The Beatles
I remember it well. The Beatles were singing 'Eleanor Rigby', the Americans were locked in a 'Space Race' to reach the Moon and I was about to leave school..

The "Compromise' of Evolutionary Creationism

A leading Christadelphian intellectual wrote to me the other day:

"The Berea-Portal gang ..... don't like you, because you because you make them feel uncomfortable about the compromise of Evolutionary Creationism."

Evolution Debate on this Website: A Clarification

For thirty years I have debated Evolution with Creationists. They are mostly a bunch of time-wasters. The discussion almost always goes like this:

New Format for this Blog

The Basic Problem with Evolutionary Creationism

The root problem that I see with the Christadelphian theory of Evolutionary Creationism (EC), is epitomised in this post that I have taken from the main Christadelphian Facebook page.