All of the money required to pay for an attempt to win a 2014 Oscars award for The Unbelievers movie has now been raised. A big thanks to the generosity of readers of this blog who have pledged a quarter of the total! An especial thank you to the reader in Sydney who pledged a huge amount. That was very generous of you. Also thanks to the person in America who is not a reader, but who chipped in the remaining 75% on his own!

We are now looking to raise a substantial amount of money ($100,000.00+) to pay for a professional movie documentary that will demonstrate how the latest thinking in Theoretical Physics, Cosmology, Geology, Abiogenesis, Evolution, Linguistics and Anthropology all come together to show that the Biblical account of these origins is incorrect. Natural processes can account for all that we observe in our world; without the need for a magical paranormal explanation that is founded in human superstitious beliefs. 

Lawrence Krauss is in favour of the idea and we are seeing what other big names we can pull in to help the project. We shall be asking Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Steve Pinker Jared Diamond and others

We need wealthy donors to help. Please contact me if you are willing to support this worthy project. You will get to meet some big names in science for your investment and you can feature on the end credits.

More on this project soon. 

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