Christadelphian Evolution Denialism

By Corky (Our Blog Founder)

Why do anti-evolution people keep bringing up the big bang and the origin of life? Surely they know that has nothing to do with biological evolution. It is a known scientific fact that lifeforms have evolved (changed) over time on this planet. This fact is known by the fossil record left behind of those past lifeforms that no longer exist.The best explanation is that lifeforms changed over time by natural selection, mutation and environmental changes - evolution.

Why do YECs believe silly things? The function of denialism (With new cartoon added)

The Ken-Cat explains
why most people in his
religion believe silly things
By Christadelphian Ken Gilmore

The Earth is around 4500 million years old. That's a fact, and anyone who asserts otherwise simply does not know what he is talking about. The evidence for this as I pointed out yesterday is considerable, and covers a wide range of areas from ice cores to radiometric dating.

The evidence that our Earth is substantially older than 6,000 years

The Ken-Cat
By Christadelphian Ken Gilmore

Editor's Note: This article is not written by the Ken-Cat, except for the first two paragraphs. The rest is a RationalWiki article that Ken has kindly drawn our attention to. Thanks to Ken for finding it for us.

Christian Retard

The "aha" moment - Biblical Scholars Tell Their Stories. Part 2 - John Byron

The Ken-Cat
Editor's Note: The Berea-Portal team's sinking faith has taken on more water with this latest article by Ken Gilmore. This is Liberal Christadelphianism taken to the Max. This is "Pick n' Mix" Christadelphianism where you decide for yourself what is or is not true in the Bible.

The Origin of Modern Humans: Why the Fossil Evidence rules out a Fundamentalist Reading of Genesis (With new cartoon)

The Ken-Cat
By Christadelphian Ken Gilmore

Since January 2011, evangelical Christian and physical anthropologist James Kidder has been writing an excellent series of posts at BioLogos on the fossil evidence for human evolution. It's the sort of material that Christadelphians desperately need to read on the subject, particularly given that nearly fifty years ago, the then editor of The Christadelphian, LG Sargent acknowledged that: