I have just read online the Christadelphian preaching booklet "Creation or Chance" on the Coventry Grosvenor Road Christadelphian Ecclesial website.

If you have not already read it, you can scan through it here:

What is up with you guys? How can you remain in a religion that publishes garbage like that? That booklet is even worse than the Evangelical Church material that it copies.

It is anti-science, illiterate, unread, mindless piffle from start to finish. The writer does not have the faintest idea what he is talking about.

Huge numbers of Christadelphians must agree with the contents of that booklet or it would be banned.

People like that think that the Earth existed before the Sun!

How can you remain in fellowship with a group of people who publish and distribute material like that? It must be perfectly obvious to you that it can't be the "Body of Christ" if they believe stuff like that.

What is up with you guys????? Get out now and join the real world. You are in a cult that thinks that plants were created by God in the dark the day before he created the Sun!!!!!!

I don't need to tell you that is barking mad.

I'm ashamed of you all that you remain in that sect. Have you no self respect? No dignity? No intellectual honesty that you mix with people like that?

No wonder you-know-who fled from the sect.

Get out NOW!

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