Ex-Christadelphians support

A new life free from Christadelphian control and indoctrination is a thrilling experience. But it can also be emotionally challenging. To assist you to adjust back into normal secular society we recommend that you make some friendships and keep in touch with Ex-Christadelphians through Internet support groups.

The Facebook 'A Group for Ex-Christadelphians' could be your first point of contact. It is run independently of this website and has over two hundred members, all of whom are Ex-Christadelphians. It is a closed group from which Christadelphians are excluded to respect your confidentiality and to protect you at what can be a vulnerable time in your life. Apply to join the group giving brief details of your deconversion and if accepted the Admins will allow you to join their discussion. You will be treated sympathetically by Ex-Christadelphians who have already been through the experience of deconversion, or are going through it right now.

Ex-Christadelphians Blog is another excellent Ex-Christadelphians resource where you can keep in touch with recent happenings in the Ex-Christadelphians world and discuss with other Ex-Christadelphians.