Imaginary Defects

Another fantastic video from TheraminTrees. I'm sure many of us can relate to this. We were made to feel guilty for being human. We were shamed for things we did, or even things we thought, that never harmed anyone.

Was The Bible Written By God?

By Thom Jonas

When faced with strong evidence from modern science that contradicts traditional Christadelphian interpretations of the Bible, many Christadelphians claim that the Bible was written by God - the very same god who created the universe - and thus it contains a superior understanding than anything science has discovered or even can discover.

But how did they, as fallible humans, reach the conclusion that the Bible was written by God? What if it wasn't?

This article explores some of the more common arguments for the claim that the Bible is the "Word of God".

Where Does God Fit In An Infinite Universe?

Professor Brian Cox, an English physicist, explains the framework of science and why anyone who wants to take reality seriously must work within this framework. He also makes the point that as far as physicists and cosmologists know, the universe may actually be eternal. Many modern cosmological models suggest that what we call the Big Bang may just be a local event in a much broader environment - one which may possibly be eternal. What would be the theological implications of an eternal universe?