More and more, educated Christians are calling the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve an allegory. However, allegories don't pass on "original sin" to their descendants, because allegories don't have descendants. Neither can allegories cause a "fall" of mankind. So, literally or allegorically - the story of Adam and Eve has to be a fable.

Then there is the modern Christian way of looking at Noah's flood, they call it a local Mesopotamian flood. But that can't be what the story means for two or three good reasons.

(1) Noah was commanded to gather all the clean and unclean animals into the ark, 7 pairs of clean and 2 (male and female) of unclean. There would be no purpose for doing that if the flood was a local one.

(2) Noah was commanded to build a huge ark for all these passengers when it would have been only a few days walk to the safety of the mountains of Ararat.

(3) 2 Peter 2:5 says it was a literal worldwide flood.

Today we know scientifically that a worldwide flood never happened, so there goes another fable. How many fables do we need to call a book a book of fables? Well, suppose we throw in a talking snake and fruit from a tree that imparts knowledge?

How long will this nonsense be accepted and believed by intelligent people?

Give Theists Respect?

I've noticed a lot of people saying we should give Theists respect for their beliefs.

At first mention this sounds peaceful, enlightened even, but I've come to realize they deserve no respect whatsoever.

These are people who spit in the face of scientific discoveries, the work of Einstein, Darwin, Newton and other great men just totally disregarded.

All our technological progress ignored and mankind's achievements forgotten.

These are people who actually refuse to accept Evolution! Treat it as a religious faith rather than a proven scientific theory!

Then they teach their, frankly dangerous, beliefs, to children! These are people who live in a fantasy world and want the rest of us dragged down into it with them.

They believe animals and plants once talked and that firebreathing dragons will one day kill us all.

They believe love pours from the sky from an omnipotent being who needs nothing yet demands worship from human lifeforms.

They believe that people can be turned into salt and that the entire globe was once flooded, ignoring all the other ancient civilizations who didnt notice this global flood.

They believe 2 (and 14) of each animal on the globe lived on a boat together for a year.

They believe all people are inbred.

They believe dinosaurs, and everything that lived before dinosaurs and between man and dinosaur, all lived together at the same time.

They believe the entire universe is only 6000 years old and ruled by something that is invisible yet looks like a man.

They believe in an afterlife but not a beforelife.

They believe in infinite punishment for finite crimes.

They believe people can rise from the dead and then fly into the sky.

They believe inanimate objects can turn into animals, or people, or bread, etc.

They believe in an omnibenevolent God who created hell.

They believe they can enjoy a heaven while fellow human beings burn in hell.

These are not only ridiculous, but disturbing, and even more so when they teach these things to your Children!

These people deserve no respect, no respect at all!