A Square Peg In A Christadelphian Hole

An Article Kindly Contributed By A Reader
I was born into a Christadelphian family in the mid-70s and from a young age I had to attend Sunday school, the youth club and the evening meeting. My parents came from a long line of CDs, so this really was the traditional family religion. We led a comfortable middle class life and I had a number of non-CD friends from school but as I grew up I began to dread Sundays rolling round. Without fail I had to endure the same tedious rubbish, first a lesson at Sunday school from a teacher who could bore the tail off a donkey, then a mind-numbing evening exhortation from a dusty old speaker at the evening meeting. I really hated it with a passion, especially watching my non-CD friends enjoying a carefree day playing whilst I was carted off for yet another wasted Sunday.

Review: "Christendom Astray" - By Robert Roberts

Some books do not deserve to be reviewed. For example in Adolf Hitler's work "Mein Kampf" we are told that the persecution of the Jewish people is "the work of the Lord." After that you don't review the book, you don't even put it back on the bookshelf, you toss it into the trash.

Christendom Astray by Robert Roberts is infinitely worse. It advocates the genocide of a large part of the non-Christadelphian population of the World to be carried out by Christ and the Christadelphians at some time in the future. How can anyone review a book that contains that sort of obscenity?

Jericho - One Of The Bible's Biggest Archaeological Problems

In the 1950s, Kathleen Kenyon extensively excavated Tell es-Sultan, a location known in the Bible as Jericho. She discovered something there that had been overlooked and ignored by three previous excavations that changed history forever. It is still overlooked by most people today, but to me it is most important for a correct cultural and historical perspective of the times. Click below to read more:

Tower of Jericho

The Tower of Jericho at 8000 BCE

How The Human Mind Converts To - And Un-Converts From Christadelphianism

"All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling" - Blaise Pascal

I grew up in a Christadelphian family and was baptised in 1967. I remained in fellowship for nineteen years. When I was a Christadelphian I knew thousands of Christadelphian all over the World. I helped to bring many of them into the faith and I often instructed them for baptism. I know exactly WHY people convert to the religion.

I resigned from the religion in 1986 and since that time I have known hundreds of Ex-Christadelphians. Many of my friends are Ex-Christadelphians. My dentist and my lawyer are both Ex-Christadelphians. I have helped some of them to leave the religion and I have listened to many stories of why they all left.  I know exactly WHY people un-convert out of the religion.

Very few people in the World have my considerable depth of experience converting and un-converting people in and out of the Christadelphian religion. Call me crazy to have done both in earnest, but the fact remains that when it comes to converting and un-converting Christadelphians - I am an expert on both.

And I have discovered an amazing thing: That the human mind converts to religion exactly the same way that it un-converts out of religion - for trivial reasons!