Your Science and Evolution Questions Answered

Modern science is a highly complex subject and we appreciate that some people might find our articles and videos difficult to understand.

On this page you can ask any questions you like, about any aspect of Science and Evolution and we will give you an answer.

You can also ask questions about Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism, Evolutionary Creationism, Flood Geology and any of the other pseudo-sciences taught by Christadelphians. We will explain why they are wrong.

We will also answer questions about Sumerian and Babylonian Cosmology and Mythology and how the Bible absorbed such stories into its narrative.

This is not a page for people to hijack to advertise speculative and unproven theories that are not in accord with up to date mainstream scientific understanding.

Write your questions as "Comments" below and within 48 hours or less we will come back to you with answers.

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