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To me, who was brought up a Christadelphian and was baptized one in my mid 20's but have since left, I feel that does it really matter if people do or do not believe God created the earth or started the evolutionary process (the later is which I swing towards) or not.
The point is, is that regardless of what you believe you have to observe how it affects your outwards behaviour to others. If your beliefs are unkind to others that are of different race, religion sexuality, opinion etc., which I must admit parts of the Old Testament are nothing but that way; then this will most likely reflect in your actions or attitudes towards them. 
For me this is part of the reason why I left the Christadelphians as it gave me a sense of constant inner conflict of trying to believe in something which seem contrary to what my heart of hearts was telling me about my fellow man. Also I did not want our daughter being taught she was some how superior to others around her because of her special belief in the "truth" or God is always in the waiting trying to nab you every time you slip up. This brings up fearful children who lack courage to take risks to try to better themselves.
The same stands for eternal life. Perhaps this is when you die, if you have lived a life of kindness, mercy and love towards others, you memory will live on strongly in their hearts and minds so isn't that a comfort on your death bed?
So basically whatever your believe in, whether it be God, no God, or counting jelly beans; as long as it is not harming someone else and you are examining how your beliefs are shaping your attitudes to others, who really cares! Just be kind to one another!

Written by Cindy

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