Ken Gilmore Dismembers John V Collyer's book 'Creation Evolution and Science'

Who wrote the following?

"John Collyer has written one of the worst anti-evolution books ever produced by a Christadelphian writer. Unfortunately, it is sold by both the Testimony Magazine and the Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association, giving its nonsensical views broad access into our community."

Only two Christadelphians alive today have the nerve to write as arrogantly and dismissively as that and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was me. - But you would be wrong.

No; it's the other outspoken and fearless champion of truth, Ken Gilmore, who bashed that out on his keyboard. When I read it in Melbourne Australia I hope that he heard my loud shout of support up in his home town of Brisbane, two hours flying time away.

On his blog, Doctor Gilmore is dissecting Collyer's book with the precision of a surgeon cutting away the tumours from a cancer ridden patient. Every time his sharp scalpel trims away another bit of malignant tissue from the error filled book, he holds it up into the light for us to marvel at his skill and to hold our noses against the stench of Collyer's rotten anti-science Christadelphian ignorance and deception.   

I'd love to reproduce Ken's articles here; but if I keep mirroring all of the brilliant material on Ken's blog on this website, I'll end up reproducing almost everything that he writes.

So visit Ken's blog and start reading the "John Collyer's 20 scientific facts seldom taught to students" critically reviewed" articles where he examines and exposes a section of Collyer's awful book. Click here to visit Ken's blog.

Can this be the same John V Collyer who led a Bible campaign that I attended approximately thirty five years ago in Cleethorpes in the UK? I remember that I was so disgusted with the way that he mismanaged that campaign that I left on the Wednesday evening and drove home.

If it is the same person, then all the more reason for Ken to blow his ridiculous book out of the water.

Fifty thousand Christadelphians in the world and hardly any of them read Ken's blog. You Christadelphians are seriously crazy. You've got a genius writing for you in Brisbane. But instead of treasuring his work, you prefer to celebrate geriatric claptrap like this book and the vacuous platitudes wafting from Shaftmoor Lane.

It has to stop. We are living in the 21st Century; not the middle of the Nineteenth. Decades of incompetent and untalented editors at the Christadelphian office have left the religion looking as ridiculous as right-wing Evangelical science-hating churches in America. Radical reform in the Christadelphian religion is one hundred years overdue.

Science is NOT your enemy - It will save your life one day - Which is a lot more than Christ will ever do for you.

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