The Christadelphian Show

By Geri

I'm reminded of the film The Truman Show, where a man spends his whole life growing up on a film set thinking that where he lived was real life.

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One day an electric light fitting fell from the sky and he became suspicious. He gets in a boat and sails out to sea until he comes to the edge and realises that he Is living under a dome.

This made me think of our journey from living in the Christadelphian Show to having the suspicion that things aren't quite right. Once we are brave enough to travel to the edge, we can see that we have been trapped inside the Christadelphian dome.

We are then able to look outside the dome and see reality. Like Truman it is frightening at first to realise everything that you believed to be true since childhood is in fact a lie. But once you are out of the dome you don't ever want to return to the Christadelphian Show. 
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Can YOU Leave?

Thanks to Geri for this great article

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