Brian Greene explains why our Universe was NOT fine tuned for life by God

There are three possible credible arguments for the existence of God:
1. The evidence that modern Israel fulfils Bible prophecy.
2. The evidence of the risen Christ.
3. The evidence that our universe is fine tuned for life in such a way that only an intelligent designer like God could have accomplished this work.
The refutations are as follows:
1. Modern Israel is only evidence of coincidence with Bible prophecy; not causality. For this to be a proof of the truth of the Bible, causality must be demonstrated and this is not possible.
2. We only have hearsay evidence of the resurrection of Christ, provided by witnesses that are strongly biased by their religious beliefs and therefore are not credible or trustworthy..
3. In the above video, professor Greene explains how our universe could be fine tuned for life without the need for an intelligent designer.


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