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I was indoctrinated into CDism from the cradle. I believed in it as fervently as I believed in Santa Claus. Then Santa Claus was revealed as my dad creeping into my bedroom with presents early on Christmas day.

I continued with CDism through baptism, becoming a CO for National Service (choice of farming, mining or hospital work), Speaking, the whole shoot.

Then I ended up in a "dead" ecclesia which I stopped attending and started to wonder what it was all about. The separation from all things CD, except from a few understanding CD friends, enabled my brain to gradually become free from the indoctrination of the upbringing and later influences.

Suusie, it was this freedom to reason out what CD`s were all about which enabled me to see clearly that what they claimed as "The Truth" wasn`t truth. They`d got it wrong.

It didn`t come to me in a Damascus road flash. It came gradually, piece by piece. But the pieces began to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and a more beautiful picture of the reality of Life and what the Bible is began to emerge.

I`m still learning. I`m getting a great deal of understanding from reading and listening to Bart Ehrman. I wake every Sunday morning and am relieved that I don`t have to go to a Christadelphian Hall. I think of the sisters worrying that the joint of meat for the Sunday roast will be too small for the meal, because they are scheduled to "entertain" the speaker, and their husbands have neglected to inform them that the speaker is now bringing not only his wife, but the wife`s mother and two elderly friends. Ugh!.

Contributed by Mancott

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