Proposed Vast New Russian Naval Base in Egypt Turns Christadelphian Predictions Upside Down!

Christadelphian thinking about latter day
prophecy has been turned upside down
The news that Russia is planning a huge new naval base in Egypt will have Christadelphians turning their Middle East maps upside down.

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For one hundred and sixty five years Christadelphians have told the world that Russia is the "King of the North" and now it looks like Russian President Putin is going to be the "King of the South."

For his "Signs of the Times" section in the Christadelphian magazine, assistant editor Roger Long has rushed to produce this new map of the region which he intends to publish in the December issue. He writes:

"We have recently come to realise that for the past 165 years Christadelphians have been holding their Bibles upside down. It is now obvious to the trustees of the CMPA that when Daniel in chapter eleven speaks of the "King of the North" he was doing a handstand in the lions den and intended us to understand that he meant the King of the "South."

"If we reverse everything that we have ever thought about Bible prophecy it all makes perfect sense and proves the existence of God. Although some might argue that this was an error in the Bible; I see it as evidence of the wisdom of God. He prevented us from understanding prophecy until the very last minute, so that Christ could come as a 'thief in the night' for 'no man knoweth the hour of his coming.' I knoweth the hour of his coming and it is very soon."

"The prophets Daniel and Ezekiel make it perfectly clear that Russia is the King of the South invading Israel from the North which is Egypt and Britain is the King of the North defending Israel from the South which is Turkey."

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