Another of our young Christadelphian authors found by the CDs

This is what happens, when they are found, to the courageous youngsters from Christadelphian families who dare to write for us to express their thinking about religion and the Bible.

This is why we have been obliged to delete Jake Douglas's article.

This is how weak and insecure the Christadelphians really are.

This is what the Christadelphians mean when they say that they don't pressure their children to join the religion.

This is what they mean when  they say that they let their kids make up their own minds about what they want to believe.

A Recording Brother in Australia
looking for a Christadelphian child
who dared to write for our website
This is why we fear for the human rights of students at Christadelphian Heritage College schools.

This is a victory for those fearless youngsters; who through their suffering have exposed the true nature of Christadelphian indoctrination of their children and the suppression of their human right to freedom of thought, expression and conviction.

Do Christadelphians really think that kids like this are ever going to be baptised when they have been treated this way?

Yet again the Christadelphians have made a huge mistake and given us a free kick at their goal. They have presented us with more evidence that they do behave like a high control cult and that their pretence that their kids are free is a deceit.

Is this young man too young at age fifteen to decide what he wants to believe - when some Christadelphians are baptising kids at age FOURTEEN?

Christadelphians in Birmingham are
searching for our young authors
May all Christadelphian young people see this injustice and realise the true horror of the religious cult that their parents are trying to coerce them into joining. They are doing this to you and they want you to do it to your kids. They want your kids treat your grandchildren this way and so it will continue. This is how I was treated by my Christadelphian parents. If we don't break the cycle of victimisation it may never end. 

May all wise and decent Christadelphians, who perceive the error of what has just happened and the damage to the reputation of their community, rise up in protest to defend this brave child.

Are YOU a Christadelphian young person? Do you think that this should have happened? Take Jake's place and write an article to replace the one that his Christadelphian parents have forced him to withdraw. Speak for your friend who is silenced and gagged by the cult.

Stand up for what is right and just; decent, honourable and enlightened.

Christadelphians have nothing better to do than
to look for their kids who want to write for us
Christadelphian Young People - Watch This and Learn

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