How low will they go? - Christadelphian Office promoting Michael Ashton books!

I was shocked today when a correspondent alerted me to the fact that the Christadelphian Office (CMPA) are still proudly publishing a total of fourteen books and booklets authored by their disgraced former editor, Michael Ashton.

In 2011 Brother Ashton was accused of allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from Christadelphians during his decade as editor of the Christadelphian magazine. According to the CMPA he admitted these actions. He was disfellowshiped  by his ecclesia for this behaviour, for "Conduct unbecoming of a Brother of Christ."

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The trustees who were charged with the oversight of the CMPA did not resigned over their role in this debacle.

Now they offer us books and booklets written by Brother Ashton, so that we can learn Christadelphian teaching about the Bible and be instructed how we should conduct our lives. It must be self evident to anyone with an ounce of common sense, that if a religion allows criminals to pontificate on moral issues, then it is on the road to ruin. 

The following books and booklets written by Mike Ashton are advertised for sale on the CMPA website and at the Christadelphian Office in Birmingham UK.

Can we trust the CMPA writers?
Holding the Head - by Michael Ashton

The Beauty of Holiness - by Michael Ashton

Chronicles of the Kings - by Michael Ashton

The Exiles Return - by Michael Ashton

Miracles, Wonders and Signs - by Michael Ashton

The Challenge of Corinthians - by Michael Ashton

Tabernacle Study Guide - by Michael Ashton

Revelation Study Guide - by Michael Ashton

Samuel the Seer - by Michael Ashton

The Danger of Cults - by Michael Ashton

Satanism of Christianity - by Michael Ashton

Spiritualism - by Michael Ashton

Sunday and the Sabbath - by Michael Ashton

Women Priests - by Michael Ashton

What do Christadelphians think that they are going to learn from this author? Are they looking for ways to crack a safe or forge documents? Do they want to know how to hotwire a car or hold up a bank? Do they need advice about breaking into houses or throwing concrete blocks through the windows of jewellery shops?

What is going on in the religion that they are so short of good authors that they have to promote books written by someone who allegedly stole from them?

How can we trust the judgement of such a person? Why would we want to learn morality from brother Ashton? What would HE know about spirituality or enlightenment?

For Mike to have done what he did, there must have been something deeply flawed in his thinking. It is nothing short of lunacy for the CMPA to recommend that we study his writings. 

The Christadelphian Office
How can Christadelphians trust the judgement of the CMPA who are still promoting brother Ashton's books? What would John Carter or CC Walker say of this behaviour? Would they continue to sell books by the offending Christadelphian?

How can anyone trust the contents of any CMPA publication when the trustees behave like this? 

This matter stinks and those books stink to high heaven. They should be burned, or thrown onto a landfill site to rid the Christadelphian community of this iniquity.  

This is a serious error of judgement by the CMPA. We Unbelievers and Ex-Christadelphians are once again laughing at their bungling incompetence and lack of common-sense.

We are thankful that we left the religion and we urge existing members to recognise that their teachers and authors have no credibility or talent. They should be ignored when they pontificate on the meaning and interpretation of the Bible, because it is obvious that they know nothing.


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