This Blog Evolves Again

I have decided to evolve the blog in a slightly new direction.

I'm dropping the 'Unbelievers' tag, because one of our admins and many of our authors, commenters and readers are not Unbelievers. It seems unnecessary to let them to feel uncomfortable using a resource that does not accurately portray their thinking and beliefs.

The new name is 'Christadelphian Sceptics.'

The thing that unites most of us is our scepticism about the Christadelphian religion. Some are only mildly sceptical and look for reform and improvement. At the other end of the spectrum, someone like myself is sceptical to the point that I think that the religion should be abandoned.

But now it does not matter where a person may be along that spectrum of scepticism. They can still feel comfortable using this website. We are no longer explaining why the religion IS wrong; we are explaining why it MIGHT be wrong.

It will also help to correct the misapprehension that I am some kind of Christadelphian 'New Atheist.' I'm not a 'New Atheist' - I'm an 'Old Agnostic.'  :) 

Perhaps it's old age creeping up on me? - But I want this website to be more inclusive.

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