Regular readers and commenters can upgrade to 'Author' on this blog, free of charge, to obtain the following benefits:

1. Your comments will be uploaded immediately and automatically without you having to wait for a moderator to approve them.

2. When you comment you will no longer be required to copy the letters and numbers to prove that you are not a robot.

3. You will be able to delete your own comments if you make an error.

4. With my approval you will be able to upload your own articles directly onto the blog, without sending them through me.

5. You will be able to view our statistics pages to see a detailed breakdown of page views.

To upgrade you must be known to me as a regular commenter. "Anonymous" commenters will not be upgraded. Spammers and trolls will not be upgraded.

If you would like to upgrade, please send me an email to Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com and I will reply with an invitation for you to accept membership as an author.

If you do not hear from Blogger inviting you to be an Author at this blog within 24 hours, please email me again.

Not all emails work. If you want to be sure of the upgrade working, please get yourself a Gmail account. Hotmail accounts never work for some reason. 

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