Our comments moderation policy

As our blog becomes increasingly popular we are experiencing an increasing number of spammers and trolls. This means that we will have to leave the delay in publishing comments switched on permanently to allow admins time to delete inappropriate comments.

You can avoid this delay by upgrading to "Author" on this blog. The upgrade is free and it unlocks many new features, including the ability to avoid the moderation delay on publishing your comments. Christadelphians who can't believe the high numbers on our page view counter can upgrade and get access to our full suite of Blogger statistics which shows the page views and sources etc. in substantial detail. For example it shows what are our most popular articles and how many page views each are receiving. It shows where our audience is coming from and many other details.

Email Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com for the free upgrade.

Spammers and trolls will not be upgraded and we will be very careful to sift them out of the upgrade applicants.

We will continue to allow "Anonymous" comments, because we realise that many Christadelphians feel intimidated by their arranging brethren and friends in the CDs and this is the only way that they dare write on our website. However some Christadelphians use this privilege to write insulting comments. Others write comments that  do not contain any sensible reasoning, or that displays naivety. These sort of comments will NOT be published if you sign in as "Anonymous" but there is a high probability that they WILL be published if you sign in under a name, even if it is a pseudoname.  

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