Jonathan Burke thinks that the
Theist position is precarious.
- We agree.
The Berea-Portal team are advertising a book launch in November 2013 when Living on the Edge by Jonathan Burke is due to be released. Part of their blurb runs as follows:

"Today Christians in the Western world are typically living in a post-Christian society. Christian beliefs are met with scepticism, and people see little reason to believe. Christians are confronted with daily challenges to their faith, and often struggle to understand the relevance of Christianity to modern life."

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Hmmmmmm - we Unbelievers can agree with every word of that! Except that we don't see "little reason to believe" we see "no reason to believe."

More details of the book can be seen in this PDF file click here.

It contains the lines:

* Big Bang ‘pointed very strongly to the concept of creation’

* Big Bang gives ‘some comfort to those who believe in supernatural creation’

Errrrrrrrrrr - can we have chapter and verse for the Big Bang please? Is that the fourth day of creation when the heavens were created by God? So plants were created on the Third day of creation, one day before the Big Bang! They must have been tough plants.  :) If they were Australian weeds I agree that they were probably tough enough to withstand the Big Bang.  :)

But of course the Berea team rejected the literal account of creation years ago; so they could not care less what the Bible account says.

What can I say about this book?

Firstly: it should not be necessary for anyone to write such a book if the Bible had been written correctly in the first place. It's basically a "clean up the Bible mess" book which is the reason why the Berea-Portal team exist. They call it "apologetics" but I see it as mopping the floor. Their mission in life and their need to produce this book is yet another reason for believers to realise that the Bible can't explain or defend itself. That's because the book is not inspired by God; it is the work of human forgers pretending to write God's holy book.

Secondly: as the book seems to be a rehash of old material from the Berea-Portal forum, I don't see why anyone should be asked to pay for it. The modern way to get your message across is to do it as we do: online, free of charge and open to immediate comments by anyone who wishes to disagree or ask questions.

The Berea-Portal team have the academic Christadelphian audience; which has to be the smallest Christadelphian audience in the world. We have the largest Christadelphian audience in the world (look at our page views) and they are the Christadelphians who are doubting their faith and who want to know more about the reasons for quitting the CD religion. Our audience is the one that Berea-Portals don't have. But they need it to get their Pro-Theist message across.

So I'll make this offer to them:

Publish your book online on THIS website so that you can reach the largest possible audience of Christadelphians who are doubting their faith. That will give you a chance to encourage them round to your way of thinking. We will upload your book unedited, no matter how much we disagree with it and allow unmoderated discussion in our comments after each chapter. The Berea-Portal team are welcome to join that discussion and defend their work.

If the Berea-Portal team don't agree to my offer (and of course they won't) we will spend several months on this website exposing all of the errors in the book and allowing discussion anyway. Therefore their attempt to stop people deconverting will have the opposite effect and promote deconversion amongst our readers - who are the wavering Christadelphian readers that they need to reach.

Except their will be a difference. If the Berea-Portal team are unwilling to discuss and debate their book on this Unbelievers website; our wavering Christadelphian readers who are already thinking of deconverting, will draw their own conclusions.

And for the Berea-Portal team, that won't be good.

And now for some music. Living on the Edge performed by Arrowsmith, to celebrate the new Berea-Portal book that is going to send our page views up to 30,000 per month and help to deconvert even more Christadelphians.

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