Christadelphian College Students: If you feel let down by the Christadelphians - Read this

Since you were a small child you trusted your Christadelphian parents, your Sunday School teachers  and those nice old gentlemen speaking off Christadelphian platforms. You thought that they were telling you the truth.

Now you have left home and gone into further education you are perhaps experiencing the shock of living in the real world away from the Christadelphian sect. You are learning that what they told you about Evolution being untrue, Noah's Flood and the Earth being just a few thousand years old is false.

You are thinking that if all that was wrong: what else in the Bible is mistaken? Perhaps God did not inspire it after all? Perhaps the rest of the Bible is as badly mistaken as Genesis? Perhaps you made a mistake allowing your parents and relatives persuade you to be baptised?

Professor Rob Hyndman
Click here to read what Professor Rob Hyndman at Monash University in Melbourne wrote to the Christadelphians when he recently deconverted and resigned from their sect.
He wrote:
"I resigned because I no longer believe. I don’t believe the Bible is inspired by God. I am not even sure there is a God .........I looked at our position on creation and evolution, and was persuaded by the arguments for evolution........then quite suddenly, I could not think of a good reason to believe any more. Far from inspired, the Bible now appeared as a collection of ancient human documents, full of propaganda, legend, and bigotry. Yes, there was some wisdom there, and some beautiful poetry, some uplifting words. But the attitudes to women and foreigners that it describes, sometimes commands, were not worthy of the God I once believed in. The alleged miracles seemed more like the superstitions of a primitive people than evidence for enlightened belief. Even the prophecies that I once found so convincing, appeared to be either contrived, out-of-context, or written after the alleged fulfilment. What I once thought were answers to prayer now appeared to be coincidence or imagined. My faith was always based on what I thought was evidence, and once the evidence was removed, the faith quickly followed.
- If Christadelphian professors are thinking like that; is it surprising that Christadelphian students are thinking the same way?

You are not alone.
Hundreds of Christadelphians
have left the sect.
You are not alone. Hundreds of Christadelphians have resigned because they don't believe anymore that the Bible is a magic book.

They are no longer afraid of a God that can't reveal himself in our modern age. They do not feel intimidated by a God who has hidden himself over the past two thousand years because he never existed in the first place. They don't believe that  Christ is going to return, because they know that there is no sensible and credible evidence that he ever rose from the dead. They don't believe in a God who only seems to reveal himself in ways that are indistinguishable from his non-existence.

That's why we run this website. We are all Christadelphians who came to see through the lies and deception that was taught us by the Christadelphian sect and now we work to educate Christadelphians about the awful mistake that we all made in believing that crazy stuff.

If you are troubled by these things, we invite you to discuss with your friends at college and with your tutors and councillors.

Read the hundreds of articles and thousands of comments on this website and feel free to ask questions. If you are worried that the Christadelphians will try to stop you discussing here, sign in as 'Anonymous.' If you email us for help we will respect your confidence.

Study Tim Woodall's website 'Christadelphian Research' (click here) for an impartial view of the Christadelphian sect that exposes them for what they really are.

Join this private Facebook Discussion Group (click here) to meet and discuss with hundreds of Ex-Christadelphians who have already resigned from the sect and who are keen to help people like you to straighten out your thinking. Professor Rob Hyndman is a member of that group; you could talk to him and get his advice.

Decide what YOU want to believe
Don't be bullied into other peoples
religious beliefs
Don't allow yourself to be bullied by your Christadelphian relatives. If they want to think with their emotions and not with their brains then that is their right. But you have the right to think your own thoughts and to establish your own beliefs.

You are growing into adults. Decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life. Be your own person. Make a stand for what is right and true and don't be afraid of superstitious religious thinking.

You are not alone. We Ex-Christadelphians think like you do and we are here to help.

Good luck!

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