Syria - Yet another debacle for the Christadelphians

Andy Walton, Roger Long and all of the other Christadelphians who speculated that the news from Syria would mean a fulfilment of Bible Prophecies and bring the return of Christ, have been able to maintain the unbroken 165 year Christadelphian record of total failure in interpreting Bible prophecy.

The allied fleet is now leaving the Eastern Med and some have even passed through the Suez canal to the South. The Russians are going to disarm Syria of Chemical Weapons, just as I suggested they would.

It's all over and yet again Christ did not show up. Damascus did not become a heap of ruins (Isaiah 17:1) as we were promised by Scripture crazed Christadelphians.

Of course we expect no apologies from them. They will trot out the same old lame excuses that they have for the past century and a half and we will yawn in boredom at their empty headed foolishness.

That is until the next time; when the Christadelphians will again spring into life and recycle the lies and incoherent arguments of the past.

But this game is over.

The score:

Christadelphians: 0
Unbelievers:         1

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