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More and more, educated Christians are calling the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve an allegory. However, allegories don't pass on "original sin" to their descendants, because allegories don't have descendants. Neither can allegories cause a "fall" of mankind. So, literally or allegorically - the story of Adam and Eve has to be a fable.
Then there is the modern Christian way of looking at Noah's flood, they call it a local Mesopotamian flood. But that can't be what the story means for two or three good reasons.

(1) Noah was commanded to gather all the clean and unclean animals into the ark, 7 pairs of clean and 2 (male and female) of unclean. There would be no purpose for doing that if the flood was a local one.

(2) Noah was commanded to build a huge ark for all these passengers when it would have been only a few days walk to the safety of the mountains of Ararat.

(3) 2 Peter 2:5 says it was a literal worldwide flood.

Today we know scientifically that a worldwide flood never happened, so there goes another fable. How many fables do we need to call a book a book of fables? Well, suppose we throw in a talking snake and fruit from a tree that imparts knowledge?

How long will this nonsense be accepted and believed by intelligent people?

Originally posted by Corky; September 2009

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