Our Sydney Australia Fraternal Gathering

Professor Lawrence Krauss, his partner Nancy and her daughter Santal, together with Gus and Luke Holwerda - the directors of the new The Unbelievers movie, will be out on Sydney Harbour Australia enjoying a Christadelphian Unbelievers extravaganza Sunday 3 November 2013. The venue will be a 54' Princess motor cruiser owned by a Christadelphian Unbeliever.

If you thought that our last meeting with Lawrence was fantastic (which it was) this latest party will put it to shame. This will be the best Unbelievers party ever!

Discussion is expected to range over various issues of science, religion, deconversion and also the new movie Atom planned for 2014. Atom will trace the story of a single atom from before the Big Bang to modern times and show that God is irrelevant to the entire process.

We shall be selling DVD copies of The Unbelievers movie on this website soon (November 2013).

Invitation to the Sydney Harbour cruise is strictly by invitation only; but if readers of this blog would like to apply for an invite, email me at Ex-Christadelphians@Hotmail.com and I'll try to get you on board. We only have 23 life jackets; so book soon because that's our limit. There will be no charge. There might be an evening BBQ by the harbour.

We will be celebrating the Australian Film Premiere of The Unbelievers movie which will be shown earlier that day at the Sydney Opera House at 10.30 am. Tickets can be purchased here. They are nearly all sold out.


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  1. I am 55yr old ex brother of the East Kilbride ecclesia, brought up through sunday school, bible class,fraternal gatherings etc, but walked away in 2001. There ended up with so much doubt in my mind, life after death, back stabbing, forked tongues about other brethren and sisters, then all false smiles and fraternal greetings etc. But wow, totally disgusted and mortified with the way children to adults have been shocked by this so called brothers wild deranged rantings. Paul Cairney


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