Trapped in a religion behind a two-way mirror

In the comments sections of this blog, Mancott has twice remarked that Christadelphians behave as if they are trapped inside a room with a two way mirror of which they are unaware. They are unable to step outside the room, which is their religious sect and stand with us deconverted Christadelphians watching through our side of the mirror, the strange performance going on inside the room.

We Ex-Christadelphians feel that we
are watching Christadelphians who
are trapped in a room behind a
two way mirror of which they
are unaware.
Christadelphian reasoning, including the thinking of the academic Christadelphians, is circular; but they can't reason that out from inside the room. Their claims about Bible prophecy being relevant today make no sense after 165 years of failed Christadelphian predictions and 2,000 years of the delayed return of Christ who said that he would return "quickly." The beliefs of the Young Earth Creationists fly in the face of modern science and human understanding. Their Evolutionary Creationism hypotheses are merely a stubborn refusal to accept the obvious fact that early Genesis is just plain wrong.

The singing of other religion's hymns, Bible readings, Christadelphian jargon and  thousands of other pieces of sect-like behaviour and absurd beliefs make no sense to those of us who have escaped the religion and matured beyond its Nineteenth Century mindset.

Christadelphians are trapped inside
the room. All they see is the reflection
of themselves. They can't think outside
the room or outside their religion.
I don't want to offend my Christadelphian readers, but you need to understand that there are many hundreds of us Ex-Christadelphians and we all feel exactly the same way about what we observe when we deconvert, step outside the Christadelphian room and turn back to watch you through the mirror. We feel that is tragic, comical, wasteful, sad and bizarre to watch you inside your religion, unable to escape and think normally.

We are not wolves trying to pick off the weak in your flock. It's the stronger and more intelligent of your members who are deconverting and escaping from the sect. We are calling to you Christadelphians to leave the room and come round to see what we can observe from outside looking in.

We are suggesting to you that you need to become objective about your faith and not subjective. You need to consider the possibility that you might have made a terrible mistake. You need to look at yourselves through the eyes of an unbiased observer. That's a very difficult thing to do.

This is the sort of behaviour that we can see when we look from our side of the mirror:

Click the screen to watch the short movie clip

The Two-Way Mirror
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