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Editor's Note: This Christadelphian academic professional deconverted in 1977.

"Hi John: I never gave them the satisfaction or respect of a formal resignation – I just walked away in disgust and never came back and put them out of my life as much as I could and as fast as I could.

I still remember the moment in 1977 sitting in my car out the front of the ecclesia thinking of how little I had it in common with those mindless morons singing those stupid hymns … Most of them with absurd words they didn't understand or believe, and if they did believe them, they only believed them as a self delusional crutch to maintain their social network of similar feebleminded friends!

The more I thought about it the more it reached critical mass and then I reached out at one magic moment and turned that key to start the engine that drove me away – and I never went back and I am sooooo glad. Even though I miss the fantastic social network I had and some really fantastic friends it was like living in a surreal self-imposed jail. I particularly hated the obligation to have to pray before any meal or snack and to do this in public and humiliate yourself – as if God really cared about us making some arbitrary and unnecessary gesture every time we put food in our gob. What about every time you piss, or take a breath or start the car?

And if we were to make a public statement about what we believe is the origin and destiny of the universe and how you are all wrong and only we are right then why didn't more of them sell their houses and own printing presses and get the word out there in a seriously commercial way instead of the abysmal bungling amateur way they approached the dissemination of their supposedly unique and fantastic information.

Maybe they could have taken a lesson from the marketing gurus with proven results on how to spread the word about a new and significant or exciting concept.

The lack of professionalism and commitment from this mob was almost evidence that the message was not really heartfelt. They were just going through the motions because they had to to meet the obligations of the group and of the big rulebook.


(Name withheld)

"PS: I have to be careful about what Google search results come up ... Especially when I am being googled constantly by people in business.

People think you're crazy if you belong to a sect ... Even if you have gotten out of it. 

Anonymous only at this point thanks John.

(Name withheld)

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