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By Joseph Strong
The way things are going for the Christadelphians

Dear team at the Ex-Christadelphians ...........

Can you help the young man
who sent us this message?
Editor's Note: At the request of the author, this message has been edited to protect his identity from the Christadelphians.

By David Evans (Not his real name)

I really hope that you exceed the efforts of the Christadelphians and take the time to reply to this.

I have been a fan and regular at your website for nearly a year, and has been my go-to for questions that I have had. I am very proud that you saw through the lies of the cult, and began to think for yourselves. Nothing that the Christadelphians teach, and the way that they behave is correct. It is very encouraging that you do this work.

Large numbers of Ugandan Christadelphians become Ex-Christadelphians

By Peter Makalai
Uganda Africa

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour. I was happy to come across you, hoping that we shall work together. I am Peter Makalai in Uganda in Africa.  Baptised with the Christadelphians for about 12 years, but at the moment I am out of fellowship. If I can join you and work together to spread the gospel I will be happy.

Independence and freedom for black African Christadelphians

Francis Mbalanga
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

(Editor's note: English is not Francis's first language. I have used minimal editing on his article in order to preserve the authenticity and character of what he has written.)

My Fellow Africa Christadelphians: FREEDOM: what does the word Freedom means? How do we understand the word freedom Fellow Africa Christadelphians? To my understanding of word freedom is to have LIBERTY in every aspect of Life, in all works of life and Living in speech in doing things, without restriction etc.

New Ex-Christadelphians booklet for Africans

Free your ecclesia from white CBM control.
Order copies of our new booklet written by
a black African in your own local language.
By Francis Mbalanga
Zambia Africa

I am publishing a new African Ex-Christadelphians booklet with Lambert Academic publishing in Germany. The booklet will be about Africans freeing themselves from the CBM and Christadelphians. Topics will be African CBM and Christadelphians freedom to deconvert to Ex- Christadelphians from the CBM mentality of forcing people to what they don't want to do and believe in doctrines and segregation.

Freedom for Elephants and Black African Christadelphians

By Balenga Ebengo
A Christadelphian in DR Congo
And Mbalanga Francis in Zambia

Dear Mbalanga

I am only very happy to hear from you. I know you are African and would like the African improvement in economy and freedom. I am going well with all my family here in Baraka. May I know about the process of joining the Ex-Christadelphians?

CBM threatened to "close down" an ecclesia in Africa

Can you find the CBM Christadelphian
in this picture?
By John Bedson

"The next ecclesia had severe problems, theft of money, immoral behaviour, and a split amongst the brotherhood existed that led to shouting and recriminations between two groups. There had been threats of violence to brothers, and the number of members had dropped from 80 to 17 as members drifted away from the unhealthy situation. An ecclesial business meeting was held and a new Rec Bro chosen. A warning was given by CBM that unless a radical change of behaviour was seen during the next year then the ecclesia would be closed down..."

Christadelphian slavery supporter predicted that Christ would return in 1866

The founder of the Christadelphian
religion opposed the freeing of
black African slaves in the US
In Matthew 7:24 Christ exhorted his followers in a parable that described the wisdom of building a house on a foundation of rock and not on a foundation of sand.

The Christadelphian house is a religion constructed on the foundation of the teachings of Dr John Thomas; a medical doctor who lived in various parts of the United States prior to the American Civil War. These teachings were the result of a long period of sixteen years in which he evolved and changed his interpretation of the Bible until he arrived at an explanation that he thought was the truth.

There is no reliable way in which we can test much of the accuracy of Thomas's interpretation of Scripture. If he is wrong we will never know because we will stay in our graves until the end of the Universe and never be resurrected. If he is right we will be raised to the judgement seat of Christ and some will be rewarded, while Atheists like me will be given a hard time.

The "King of the South" to become "The King of the North"

By John Bedson

The Christadelphian prophets have once again been wrong footed as modern day events turn out to be completely different to their predictions based on false Bible prophecy.

A Black African Christadelphian resigns saying "Better me die free!"

"Don't be shocked when I tell
you that I was in prison, 
'cause you are still in prison."
- Malcolm X
By Anthony Balyedhusa    
Uganda Africa

Dear Wilbur (An African Berean Christadelphian representative)

We have for long kept your Lumpenary ways and now I have eye openers. As such I am resigning from the Berean slavery and moving on to no need of you. I ask you to resign like me and be free of human rules.

Emma and John I am very poor. But I am tired of being fooled! We are in pockets, bags and files.

Better me die free!

Some questions from an African Christadelphian Recording Brother

By Balenga Ebengo
CBM Baraka-Centre ecclesia

DR Congo

Dear brothers,

My name is Balenga Ebengo, from the DR Congo. I am Christadelphian (CBM), chairman of one ecclesia here in Baraka, East of the DR Congo.

I am so surprised at your organisation. When you call yourselves Ex-Christadelphians, I do not see any importance for this change. In what do you believe? When I tried to visit your website, there are comments say you accept White, Black, Gay, Divorced, ... I think your faith becomes more and more dangerous because it is against the Bible basics. The Bible says, "you must reject men who have sex with men". I can call you to come once more in CBM.

White Christadelphian Racism - What do African Christadelphians make of this?

Christadelphian Jim Cowie speaking at
Rugby Christadelphian ecclesia in the United Kingdom

This young lady needs our help and advice please

I’m not a Christadelphian nor have been raised to be one but on the other hand my boyfriend is. I’m concerned and very aware that my boyfriend parents do not believe I am the right person for him, I’m not entirely sure what he has been taught is right/wrong and the pressure that he may be facing with having a relationship with me, maybe you can share your own experience to make me more aware.

Video: Was the emergence of life inevitable? - Dr. Eric Smith

Dr. Smith shows that the emergence of life on Earth might have been the inevitable consequence of a cascade of non-equilibrium phase transitions that opened new channels for chemical energy flow on Earth. The talk starts at 3.40 secs.

Gog and The Merchants of Tarshish fight side by side in the Middle East!

By John Bedson

Russian, British and US forces are allies in Syria 
Christadelphians are confounded by recent developments in the Middle East. Three years ago they were saying that Damascus would be destroyed in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. That prediction has since been abandoned, along with thousands of other Christadelphian predictions over the past one hundred and seventy five years.

Earth's earliest life forms may have been discovered

Haematite tubes from approximately four billion years old NSB hydrothermal vent deposits that represent the oldest microfossils and evidence for life on Earth yet discovered. Credit: Matthew Dodd

Editor's note: This evidence is not conclusive, but it is very exciting. Our best theory for the origin of life is that life formed under the sea in hydrothermal vents. See here for more and Google search 'Origin of life hydrothermal vents.

The Earth formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago and if these fossils are verified they could represent one of the 'missing links' between inanimate matter and self replicating life.

Science has never before found anything like these fossils. This could be the final nail that science has to drive into the coffin of Theism. We already know that God did not create the diversity of living species as described in Genesis. Evolution did that. But if God can be proven to have not formed life, the 'God of the gaps' will lose his last remaining hidey hole and Christadelphians will have to reconcile themselves to living in a world without God and a Bible that mostly is only myth, legend and human superstition. 

Dear Ex-Christadelphians

Perhaps you would print on your site some of the other side of the stories you present so people can get full pictures?

To Rob Hyndman

You say that there is no underpinning evidence (of God).

Could you comment on the change of view of Antony Flew, former global spokesman for Atheism?  He  reversed this position when he considered the coming together of the first cell, the origination of all of earth’s life.  In consequence he authored the book in 2004 “There is a God”.

To answer him, Rob Hyndman, please comment on how all the inanimate non-living components of hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, carbon etc. came together to make the first functioning and self-propagating.  Flew thought there was no answer until his death in 2011.  Perhaps you see some other answers, or know of some that have come since?

I am looking forward to reading this thread and answers to it on your website.

Joel Elgie Rosenau
Christadelphian of British Columbia