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 Bible in the News is a Christadelphian podcast which aims to "provide a weekly analysis of world politics and events in the light of Bible prophecy".  Recently it has frequently come up in discussion here, particularly with relation to a Brexit post.

This is intended as a discussion post for Bible in the News.  It can also be used as a discussion post for anything else related to Christadelphian prophecy interpretation or current events.


  1. Albert HendersonApril 3, 2021 at 3:03 PM

    CDs rework their pathetic prophecy material as events unfold. And Jesus is always scheduled to arrive imminently on the next train.

    We get one life. Live it. I got so tired of hearing CDs bleating about how "the signs" pointed to J. H. Christ arriving any minute. I watched generations of them live and die, parroting that deluded garbage back and forth to one another. I recall once contradicting "the facts" of a "brother," and having him bark rabidly into my face. Heaven and hell are here on earth, and we create and experience them here. Know your joy now; it is all you are going to get. And whatever it may or may not be, it is worth having.

    A final note: notice how the disciples of Christ were told he would return soon. Each generation since has waited for the clouds to part. Two thousand years later, we're still waiting on that train. Don't waste one moment on such drivel. I have an acquaintance who says he is still a CD only because he is a "cultural Christadelphian" and a "cultural Christian." As for the actual tenets, he picks and chooses as he likes. Could anything be more pathetic?

  2. In hindsight, I have never understood why so many people have deferred living their lives in order to wait for the unfolding of nonsensical prophecies written by primitives and stored in dusty caverns. The Chosenites were repeatedly under assault in Israel and/or were dispelled from their sacred soil. They wrote about the restoration of their homeland after their anticipated releases from Babylonian or Roman domination. Nothing more, nothing less. No one is coming to redeem us. We redeem our own lives, if they are to be redeemed at all. Out, out, all you spinsters decaying in pews. Go out into the world. Stroke the petals on a dogwood tree. Go buy a beer, and get tipsy. Find romance, or pay someone for it. All of those things are worth infinitely more than burying your brain in caveman theism.

  3. I've just had a read of the latest BITN bulletin (April 9th) and it is, as I expected, laughable. The usual breathless reports of Russian aggression toward other nations are followed by a quote from Ezekiel and a contrived massaging of the text to arrive at a hidden prophecy.
    Being a CD must be like being stuck in an endless groundhog day-like loop. Every time Russia moves a tank, the same claims are trotted out again and again, and will be indefinitely until the brethren die out or everyone gets fed up of waiting for Jesus's non-return.

    1. I gave up on the prophecy side of the denomination many years before I left Christadelphia for exactly that reason: It seemed perfectly obvious that the same few verses were being used over and over again, and there was no reason to believe that they applied this time than last time.

  4. There are two films all CDs should see - especially those leaving CD. 1st film is "The Stepford Wives." This film so reminds me of the institutional mysogony that most CD women seem so happy to accept and support. 2nd film is "Life of Brian" by Monty Python. Critics of Life of Brian often say that it is a mockery of Christ. They are wrong - I have seen the film many times. The film makes fun of people, who stop thinking critically and consequently, do stupid things. When John Clese was beeen interviewed about Life of Brian he said much the same. He pinted out that they had looked at the extremes of political and religious movements act stupidly and stop thinking for themselves.

    LIfe of Brian explains why CDs are so removed from reality - another film is The Truman Show. A very funny and disturbing film about someone who was in a reality TV show but does not know, he is part of this show. He thinks all the people around him are real people. Sounds a bit like the World of CDs!!

    1. From a Monty Python movie:

      "She is a witch. She must be burned at the stake. She made me a deaf-mute."

      "But you're talking and hearing."

      "I got better."

  5. A delusional CD of my acquaintance has recently been writing articles about biblical prophecies regarding the moon, and how different recent moon cycles indicate the Second Advent is imminent. "Blood Moons," he calls them. The other CDs nod with great seriousness, and allow this foolishness to be presented to audiences.

    The older I get, the more childish these fantasies appear to become. And all the more sad, that intelligent adults cleave to them. Religion is indeed the opiate of the masses.


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