What Elijah shows us about God

 By Jon Morgan

Growing up, I always liked the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel. Now I see that it shows problems with God.

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  1. Even as a child, going through the CD indoctrination process, I wondered why God was so quiet nowadays. We were taught that only a few thousand years ago, God was burning bushes, flooding the earth, destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, wrestling, walking round gardens, ordering the rape and murder of Midianites, sending his son, raising the dead and curing the sick etc.
    But now ...... Nothing! Not a peep!
    I mean, it's almost as if he doesn't exist and is just a figment of ancient superstitious people's imagination.

    1. "Not a peep", Mark? A Cd told a relative of mine that Donald Trump had been raised up by God and was going to stay in the White House, because he was there to support Israel. Not that I believe that.

    2. Mancott, I find it interesting that you hear that in the UK (you're in the UK, right?) I've heard the "Trump is a modern-day Cyrus" message from the US, but my observation here in Australia is that most Christians I know see Trump as a problematic figure morally and a bad leader. Though I guess my relatives do think moving the embassy to Jerusalem was one of the few good things he's done...

    3. Yes, Jon, I am in the UK. There is an interesting article by Daniel I Block at www.christianitytoday.com where he concludes that some Christians in their eagerness to see parallels between Donald Trump and Cyrus, and admitting there are some parallels, they ignore the key differences which would be persuasive for careful thinkers to cast Trump in this role.

  2. This is what puzzles and fascinates me the most about christadelphianism. Most CDs appear to be fairly intelligent but leave their common sense at the door every Sunday as they immerse themselves in ancient myths and legends. Many of them are educated to degree level, some are company directors or business owners, yet they waste their lives away chasing after a fantasy world.
    Maybe after doing so well for themselves, they can't countenance leaving it all behind in a few decades, and grasp at the nearest comforting story? What they don't seem to realise however, is that they won't spend eternity driving round in a swish car, having luxury holidays and enjoying a leisurely drink in a country pub. They will be too busy rebuilding Ezekiel's temple, sacrificing animals and praising their vain creator for all eternity.

  3. I had a neighbor who died who wouldn't allow religion or faith to play any part in her passing. At the time, I found her behavior confusing and disturbing. I was still clinging to some minor amount of religious belief.

    I see now full well why my neighbor did what she did. The more one analyzes "religion," the more a steaming pile of convoluted chicken manure it becomes.

  4. News Flash: We are not required to believe anything that our senses and reasoning abilities are incapable of substantiating.


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