Can we trust God's promises?

 By Jon Morgan

The words from Mendelssohn’s Elijah echo in my head:

If with all your hearts ye truly seek Me,
Ye shall ever surely find Me,
Thus saith our God.

It’s a song I like a lot (yes, still), and it seems like such a simple promise. But was it ever really true?

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  1. A friend, decades ago, summarized his take on religion with the following expression: "That that is is, and that that isn't isn't. Whatever you can't substantiate with your five senses, don't believe in it."

    No amount of "Faith" or "Belief" compensates for organized religion's attempts to alter the equation of "That that is is, and that that isn't isn't." Instead, religion simply clouds our consciousness in a world that is, granted, already difficult to navigate. Christadelphianism, in particular, creates an alternate reality that is pretty opaque. I'd rather live and die with my eyes wide open, thank you.

  2. Christadelphianism is a rational, intellectual religion. Its followers are expected to believe Genesis myth as history and science and also are expected to rationally do that. So most ex-CDs exit one rational, intellectual domain and enter another free from having to pretend to believe myth as science and rely on science alone. They would say no, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, was never true, but of course it was for him and is for billions today. Life without mystery must be dull indeed. It was certainly dull in Christadelphianism for me.

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  3. They should thus live the one life they've received. And as far as all of the organized religions go -- rationalism and intellectual analysis do not really seem to be a significant part of the picture. The most common sense "religion" I've encountered was actually Wiccanism, believe it or not, in which nature is worshiped as the higher power, and referred to as "Spirit." And no, I did not become one of its members.

  4. I am comfortable concluding that all religion is slop and nonsense. Yes, it can serve useful purposes on occasion, but don't let it encumber your life.


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