How I lost my faith

The ghost of Mancott
still haunts this website
By the Ghost of Mancott

I belonged to a Christo Ecclesia which was comprised of (mostly) older dyed-in-the-wool members who were completely and utterly indoctrinated into Christadelphianism.

When I joined, discussion was not allowed after Bible Class. It did happen later with reluctance on the part of the AB`s. What were they frightened of hearing?It was like being amongst a group of dead people.

I got to the stage where I had the feeling that this couldn`t be what faith should engender. Gradually, I began to stay away from the meetings more frequently, and gradually, because the influence of CDism was being allowed to wane in my brain, I started to think about what I was into.

After 12 months of non-attendance I was disfellowshipped. I felt a freedom not felt before and I began to explore the validity of CD belief, and I found it wanting. What I was brought up to believe was "Truth", wasn`t a true understanding of what the bible was and what its writings were all about.

I don`t blame my parents, my CD teachers; they were just trotting out what they had been fed, and their brains hadn`t been free of the indoctrinated clutter which clogged up their thinking..At first you do have the nagging doubt that maybe they were right, but a careful examination of their mirrored faith will show you otherwise.

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