Christadelphian entropy - The opposite to scientific entropy?

By Credo Quia Absurdum

The proliferation of YouTube videos of Christadelphian talks continues at a pace that makes it impossible to keep up.  The ones from the Rugby Christadelphians are a strangely produced, often beginning with graphics that look like they come from a 1990s web page accompanied by slightly scary portentous music.

This one came up on my YouTube page the other day and piqued my interest sufficiently to have a viewing.

Don't waste your time watching it - unless you have a need to be constantly slapping your forehead!

The graphic constantly reminds the viewer that: 

Mr Grant Jolly 
A teacher of the
sciences (Retired) 
Explains how science 
Supports the Bible 
- not Evolution

His talk is the usual collection of Creationist canards, which have been refuted thousands of times but are still used, particularly when encouraging the faithful, many of whom will swallow the arguments whole, without checking to see if they are true. 

I won't bore you with a detailed refutation of his points - it's all easily checked by using Wikipedia or the Talk Origins Archive.

The one thing that really shocked me was his use of the argument that evolution was precluded by the second law of thermodynamics.  It's a commonly used creationist strategy, and is easily refuted.

But that is not my point.  What blew me away was that he gets the second law of thermodynamics diametrically wrong!

Entropy is not a measure of ORDER it is a measure of DISORDER.  And it doesn't DECREASE it must INCREASE in a closed system!

And this is a man who claims to be a teacher of the sciences (Retired)?  And he can't even get a basic grasp on the concept of entropy? Pity his poor pupils!

Christadelphians do themselves no favours when they expose their ignorance in this way. Maybe they can get away with it when the talk remains in the confines of the ecclesial hall, but when you post it on the internet for the whole world to see it is best that you at least try to get the simple science right! 

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