Christadelphian Disfellowshipping

Don't let the "hard-liners"
push you around
By the Ghost of Mancott

Disfellowshipping by the Christadelphians is a way of life. Their life. They have to dot the "i`s" and cross the "t`s" of how they see their life in the "Truth". You really have to be in Christadelphia, or rather have been in Christadelphia, to understand what goes on.

The insistence, in many Ecclesias, that sisters wear hats; that they do not speak; that any discussion which veers away from "accepted Truth" will be frowned upon and dismissed; that the reading of books which challenge their understanding of "Truth" is actively discouraged. The list goes on.

So it is that members who stray from the party line are most likely to be cast out, disfellowshipped, and only on bended knee with special pleading are allowed back in. And once back in are looked upon as second class brethren or sisters.

These hard-liners which go along with this, what a bunch of uninformed, unintelligent, misguided hypocrites they are, without as much as a little finger tip`s worth of love in their bodies. Some of the others seem quite nice. Why don`t they rise up and challenge what goes on in their midst? If you are a one of the "nice" ones, why don`t you decide to try to see more clearly what you are in to? 

It`s incredible to those of us who have either been thrown out or have left by our own decision, that you can`t see the real truth of your situation.

Gird up your thinking-cap loins, for goodness sake. Shake off the shackles of untruth. Be brave. Be real.

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